Flying With
The Youngsters

We are a platform to connect you with experienced glider pilots. Improve your cross-country gliding, have a safety pilot with you and make your flying in Namibia a success.

Our offering

Flying in Namibia - a dream of every glider pilot. Namibia is associated with strong thermals, fast speeds and seemingly endless final approaches. In Namibia, flying 1000 km are part of everyday life.

But as pilots we have experienced ourselves how accurately one must prepare oneself for such a flying vacation. Packing list, arrival, special characteristics of the Bitterwasser pan, temperatures >35 degrees, self-launch at 1400 m altitude, blue thermals and few outlanding fields, lack of oxygen at over 5000m altitude, and much more - every flight is a challenge for body, material and mind.

'Flying with the Youngsters' is a platform to connect you with young pilots who have flown in Namibia themselves and can pass on their experience to you, but who do not yet have the financial means to afford a vacation in Namibia on their own.

For those flying for the first time in Namibia

  • Newcomer
  • Price on request

Your coach will make the first flights in Namibia with you and accompany you step by step to become familiar with the peculiarities of Namibia. This includes from the departure in Germany and a packing list, to the landing in the pan in Bitterwasser everything you need for a safe and unforgettable vacation in Namibia.

Improve your cross-country flying

  • Experienced
  • Price on request

You've flown in Namibia before, but still want to improve your skills with a coach. We accompany you as co-pilot in the cockpit. Together we will optimize your skills and get the best out of the day.

Safety Pilot on-board

  • Every level
  • Price on request

No matter what level of experience you have, being accompnied by a safety-pilot is always a good choice.



The well-known airfield for legendary gliding experiences.
Starting point for flights with Flying with the Youngsters.

The Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Center is known as a paradise for gliders. Every year hundreds of 1000km-flights are made here in unsurpassable thermals. The airfield is located 3 hours drive south of Windhoek and offers exclusive comfort and optimal conditions for gliders.

Happy Pilots

Ulrich Wild


I can highly recommend Flying with the Youngsters. Bitterwasser offers ideal conditions for expanding flying horizons. I had two fantastic weeks.

  • Arcus M
  • 2 weeks
  • Co: Clemens

Cipriano Kritzinger


Coaching by an experienced glider pilot and flying as a team is the fastest way to achieve a quantum leap in cross country flying.

  • Arcus M
  • 2 weeks
  • Co: Heiko